Mariah Newell

Wait, I Knew That!

"My older sister, Kaitlyn, is a fabulously intelligent individual. She was Valedictorian of the high school we both attended. Kaitlyn then attended and graduated from Yale University cum laude with a degree in Religious Studies. Following graduation she received a fellowship to study in South Korea for a year but now, after finishing her time, has just begun as a Teach for America instructor while completing her Master’s in Education from Johns Hopkins University. To say I am in awe of my sister’s achievements would be a gross understatement. Of course, only a small part of my admiration comes from her intellectual achievements because she is a shining and stellar woman without them. However, academic achievement is very important in my family and I would be lying to say I am not striving to imitate her success in my own fashion. She has always encouraged and helped me find my way to success. Kaitlyn taught me to color inside the lines and helped teach me to read before I started Kindergarten. She truly was my first teacher."

Mariah Newell: Passionate for Change

"Every time people hear my name I hear one of two responses. It is either “You mean like the wind” or “Like Mariah Carey, right?” While I am not the name of the wind in the musical Paint Your Wagon or a famous pop singer with a ridiculously amazing vocal range, I am a an passionate for change. It’s true and it’s all my grandparents fault! They were change makers in their day and still very much are today. My grandmother would tell me how she helped desegregate movie theaters as a little girl, and then my grandfather would follow behind recounting how he marched the last leg of the March on Birmingham, stared down by armed policemen. I couldn’t help but admire these modern day heroes and hope to one day stand behind my beliefs as they do daily. "